change WhatsApp Call ringtone

In this guide check How to Change WhatsApp Call Ringtone easily.

After rumors from last year, WhatsApp with new VOIP call feature is now available for iOS, Android and Windows platform. People have moved from Skype and Viber to WhatsApp when it comes to voice calling [VOIP calls] and does make sense because instead of going with two apps, you will be using one. Many people are enjoying WhatsApp Call feature, telecom operators are keeping their eye open.WhatsApp Call

Change WhatsApp Call Ringtone

Running WhatsApp call on your Android smartphone? You would be looking to change the default ringtone to something else that you would like to have? Then here is our guide on how to change WhatsApp Call ringtone.

Follow the process mentioned below –

  • From your phone App drawer, open WhatsApp.WhatsApp Call Settings
  • Now head to Settings and then locate the option called “Notifications”.WhatsApp Notifications
  • Tap on it.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and under Call you will find the option of Ringtone. [Make sure that you don’t sell any other Ringtone settings].WhatsApp Call Ringtone
  • Tap on it to open Ringtone browser.WhatsApp Calling
  • Select your choice of ringtone and then hit OK.

This settings only works on official WhatsApp app but not on modified WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Plus Reborn.

How to Change WhatsApp Call Ringtone
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How to Change WhatsApp Call Ringtone
In this guide check How to Change WhatsApp Call Ringtone(Voice call and video calls).
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