Multi-Login Feature: Using One Account For Your Whole Family

Nowadays, countless people use Internet almost daily with the help of diverse gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and even iPods, apart from desktop computers. As per a survey of 2016, a digital customer possesses almost three to four Internet-enabled devices on an average. While this survey considers only 10 types of devices including computers, tablets, wearables, smartphones, and game consoles, it is enough to represent the Internet of Things (IoT) encompassing over billions of things.

Multi Login Feature

An increasing trend in the domain of IoT is the technology of Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN is perhaps the best IoT security mechanism to secure private networks. Both IoT and VPNs are around us, even if you are not using a VPN right now. Even if there is no smart home, there is a high probability of your own device to be connected to Internet sending out signals about itself, other network devices, and IP addresses to the world. This is scary, isn’t it? Well, it is!

Multi-Login Feature

This is exactly where a VPN can play a major role in encrypting (hiding) these signals. This Internet security certainly gives a boost to use different devices unhesitatingly at once. For example, users can use a smartphone for chatting on WhatsApp and a laptop for doing office work. Therefore, for VPN privacy protections to be are on par with this trend, VPN service providers are offering a significant number of concurrent connections. This is the new feature called ‘multi-login’.

Overview of Multi-login Ability

The multi-login feature in VPNs is analogous to multiple free VPNs. This is because it gives more than one VPN account login at once. You go to the Internet and obtain one VPN account with multi-login facility for three to five concurrent logins. This is similar to obtaining up to five VPN accounts at the cost of only one. A user can run it on a gaming console, desktop computer, and on a smartphone simultaneously.

Purchasing a different VPN account for every user in your family or for each different device you use can be a costly affair. It can drain your savings quite easily to invite only financial stress. In such a case, VPN service providers have come up with the facility of multiple logins through only one account to relieve your stress. In other words, other family members along with you can use the anonymous VPN services in a secured manner.

It has become imperative for VPN providers to secure all network data of their users without compromising the security of one gadget for another. To enjoy a competitive edge, they need to keep their consumers protected at all times. Keeping this in mind, they have increased the VPN connections from a single account on one device to the same account on four more devices at once. This facility is now available to users without any upgrade or an extra cost.

Advantages of Multi-login Facility

The biggest benefit of this feature is to use more than two devices with a single login account. This is perhaps a vital need for a safe onlinepresence. There are some more advantages of multiple logins through a single account at the same time, which are as follows:

  • Most affordable, as the pay is only for one subscription
  • Easy and scalable network at office or home
  • Usable on diverse gadgets including iPad, Blackberry, and Smart TV
  • Security at any time and anywhere

Most service providers offer up to five active connections per account. However, it is unwise to connect any two devices to the same server using the same security protocol. This is because using these same things is likely to result in an abrupt fall in the speed of the connection. Thus, it is best to use different protocols to connect several devices to the same server. Thus, it is ideal to choose different protocols such as UDP, OpenVPN, and IPSec.

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The multiple login abilities was a trivial feature to consider while looking for VPN services. However, now, it is an important feature due to its several benefits.

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