Street View in India via Wonobo – Best Google Maps Alternative

Wonobo provides 360 degree view of major cities in India as serves as Best Google Maps Alternative in sub-continent.

If you are a fan of and use Google Maps and Google Street View you’ll simply love WoNoBo which serves you a more detailed and interesting version of location, street mapping for major cities of India. Launched hardly a month ago by the Geospatial giant Genesys, WoNoBo is being touted as the spot-filler to Google’s limited Street View feature on India. It has certainly marched much ahead with exclusive pictures and snapshots of many sensitive areas for which Indian regulators gave a hard time to Google to display.

Wonobo India maps

Wonobo updates regularly and helps you rediscover cities and neighborhoods like never before. It’s open for users to share their favorite spots and revisit their school. What’s good about WoNoBo is most locations have been caught on camera and you get street-images along with a panoramic 360-degree view of the locations.

At Wonobo you don’t just get a geographical location but also an update of different events happening, the best restaurants to eat and other places that match varied interests.

How & Why It Scores Over Google Maps

WoNoBo launchers have thoughtfully taken permissions for photographing different areas leaving out sensitive points so unlike Google that faced government roadblocks in its Street view Project for India it has covered a much vaster area on ground in terms of visual and location mapping. With its past experience in creating map content for providers like Navteq and Nokia, Genesys gives you quite an impressive street-view service through WoNoBo. You also find more than 10 million points-of-interest tagged through locations including commercial spots with supporting homepages giving you a meaningful description.

Cities It Covers

Right now WoNoBo gives you street view for 12 Indian cities which includes Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, Agra, Pune, Chennai, Surat, Ahmedabad and Coastal Goa. But 20 more cities are soon getting showcased on it and with time WoNoBo aims to expand through 70 percent of India’s urban area covering around 54 cities so you can expect a great and easy navigation through many more cities at WoNoBo in near future.


Using WoNoBo you can self- navigate through a city and also check out different stories, tours and guides related to a theme centered on it.

  • Go for Walking Tours– this feature of WoNoBo provides you a short description of different sites within a location you’ve searched for. Though you get a visual shot of the area don’t expect a video for better visual orientation. While city guide is given for every location this is rather short.
  • Stories– Get first-hand experience and description of different events and stories about the city and typed location.
  • Guides– Get information on routes, restaurants, buildings etc.
  • Direction & Routing

Wonobo iOS/Android App?

Wonobo right now is available as web access site and as such there is no particular mobile customized app. Still, you can use it by opening the on your mobile via the browser. Maybe in future Wonobo iOS and Android app will be soon launching.

When you enter WoNoBo on your tablet, smartphone or PC and click on the Street View service a map is displayed on left section of the screen while the actual street view comes displayed on right side. The map can be toggled for a bigger view and so can the Street-view. Click wherever you want on the map. The street view gets loaded on your screen.

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