How to Fix YouTube 1080p Uploaded Video Shows 480p or 360p

Fix YouTube 1080p issue

The following guide shows you why YouTube 1080p uploaded video shows 480p or 360 pixels.

Yesterday night I kept a video for uploading on YouTube and since it showed be more than 700 Minutes remaining for the upload but even after I gave more than 12 hours, the video didn’t publish and the next morning when I woke up, the processing was strucked on 48% with around 240 minutes still remaining.

YouTube Low Video Resolution

After giving it out sometime, the video was finally uploaded on to my YouTube Channel but to my surprise, I was able to only get 360 pixels although it was a 1280 x 720 pixels HD video.

Why? What happened here? Why was the HD video converted to 360 pixels or 480 pixels?

Here are some of the reasons what happened and how to get it fixed.

YouTube Downloading Limitations

YouTube Video Upload Size

Neither YouTube has mentioned about it nor their help pages have anything about it, I found what actually happened. To rectify this problem, the only fix here is to wait, wait and wait.

Now the actually waiting period depends upon the following factors –

  • Your Internet Speed [Upload speed]
  • The video file size
  • The video format
  • System Resources

These are the primary factors; there may be other factors but all those are minor ones.

Although YouTube 1080p shows 480 pixels or 360 pixels after uploading, it will automatically come to 720 pixels or 1080 pixels or Quad HD, the only thing you need to know that patience is the only solution.

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How To Edit YouTube Videos

Pretty simple and straight-forward.

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