Android 5.0 Lollipop is everywhere. Right from material design on most of the popular apps, people running Jelly Bean or Kitkat wants to get hands-on with Lollipop apps, widgets. Here comes WhatsApp Plus Lollipop theme which is our view is the best from all those available right now.WhatsApp Plus Lollipop Theme Light

WhatsApp Plus Lollipop Theme

The theme named as Flamingo developed by Thijs Oost is almost close to best WhatsApp Plus Android 5.0 Themes. Flamingo theme is inspired by Google Material Design guidelines and Liv- CM/PA Theme. It’s available in three different variants of –

  • Dark color theme
  • Solid – Mix of Pink and Orange theme colors
  • Light color theme

WhatsApp Plus Lollipop Theme Light


So with all the Android apps going with material design, whynot have your WhatsApp Messenger client with material design.

How to Install

Using the WhatsApp+ theme store, follow these instructions –

  • Open WhatsApp+ on your phone.
  • Open the WhatsApp+ settings.
  • Go to ‘Download‘ under ‘Themes‘.
  • Search for ‘thijsoost_flamingo’.
  • Confirm with ‘APPLY’.

Using XML File

  • Download the WhatsApp Plus Lollipop Theme Dark [Light].
  • Save the .xml file on your phone.
  • Open WhatsApp+.
  • Open the WhatsApp+ settings.
  • Go to ‘More‘ under ‘Themes‘.
  • Choose ‘Load‘ and open the .xml file.
  • Confirm with YES.

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